How Safe Is Our Drinking Water?

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Pollution of Our Water is Extensive

The world uses over 35,000 types of chemicals. Another 1,000 types are added annually.

These chemicals find their way, by means of industrial and chemical wastes, into rivers, reservoirs and lakes. These rivers, reservoirs and lakes are our sources of drinking water.

To add to the problem, pollution from vehicles is washed down by rain, forming acid rain which also end up in these rivers and lakes.

The Pollutants are Numerous...

Pollutants include substances such as heavy metals, radioactive compounds, organic wastes like fertilisers, bacteria and rust.

These pollutants are not effectively removed by the conventional filtration process.

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Current Water Treatment Methods Are Not 100% Effective

Water authorities all over the world find it expensive and impractical to completely eliminate pollutants. Even after water has been treated and filtered to become tap water, problems may still occur. These come in the following forms:
  • THMs (carcinogens or cancer causing agents). These can be created when chlorine is added into water during treatment to remove bacteria.
  • Bacteria contamination through broken pipes and rust found in water storage tanks.

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