Hexagon 8-Stage Pi Water Purifier

Enjoy Better Health with Pi Living Water

Heagon 8 Stage Pi Water Purifier-Water is considered the most ideal water for the body. Known as "energised water", it gives a smoother, fresher taste and is just right for sustaining bodily processes. It also enhances detoxification and waste elimination, and helps to attain a healthy functioning body.

Hexagon 8 Stage Pi Water Purifier

According to Dr Akihiro Yamashita, a professor at the Agricultural Department of Nagaya University, Japan, Heagon 8 Stage Pi Water Purifier-water is very similar to the water present in the human body, which has Living Energy or "energy for life".

"More than 70% of the human body consists of a fluid called Body Water. This is just not any water but specialised fluid that the body has processed into an acceptable form for use by our cells. Body Water is different in its physical and bionic properties compared to normal tap water. Healthy body water enhances our energy level and supports bodily functions, enabling our cells to work optimally for increased health."

- The Miracle of Water
Makino Shinki, Ph. D, Prof Emeritus, St Marianna Medical College

"Next to oxygen, water is the most important factor for the survival of man. The longer an individual goes without water, the greater the number and severity of diseases shown."

- Dr Olaf Mickelsen, National Institute of Health, USA

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